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Accounting in France is pretty difficult for most of the entrepreneurs, especially for foreign business managers. So, how do you find the right french accountant online for your business ? And especially when you are abroad, like in the USA or in the UK ? Dougs, a French accounting firm, makes accounting easy and affordable. Let’s have a look together.

Dougs is a chartered French accountant firm

You are in the right place. We provide all the services you need, financial statements included. Besides, we offer advice and expertise in all areas of business and corporate accountancy, in English as well as French.

Our firm can really help you to improve your efficiency in several ways.

Help you to settle in France :

At Dougs, we help foreign businesses settling in France and leaders improving their efficiency in several ways. Our team of French Accountant will help you choose :

  • The type of company, like a
    limited liability company (SAS, SASU, SARL, EURL …) ;
  • The state of your new company (amount of capital, …) ;
  • And all the formal responsibility with the Chamber of Commerce, Tax administration, as well as other government entities.
french accountant accounting You're looking to settle in France and you want a french accountant or a CPA. Contact Dougs, a 100% chartered web accounting company. French Accountant for small business in France

Help you with your accountancy:

  • Online Self Book keeping with our algorithms on our website ;
  • Preparing your financial statements ;
  • Giving you the opportunity to see your accounts and business performances 24 hours a day through protected passwords.

Help you with your social obligations:

Your Dougs French Accountant will also help in :

  • Drawing up contracts for your employees ;
  • Preparing your employees payslips ;
  • Completing the necessary social declarations ;
  • Giving you the opportunity to pay for social taxes and salary statement by direct withdrawal ;
  • Sending you in a secure web site all the salary statements, declarations.

Dougs french accountant will also help with your tax obligations:

  • Dealing with all the formal obligations like incorporated taxes ;
  • And helping you with monthly VAT.

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And if you need more information, feel free to give us a call. See you soon at Dougs, the French Accountant online for small business, in Europe & abroad !

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